Lidia Clot: head of our volunteer team in Tarragona

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Lidia Clot Sonrisas de BombayToday we want to introduce you to another of the members of the Mumbai Smiles volunteer team. She is Lidia Clot, PhD in Chemistry, addicted to the transverse flute and Capoeria and in love with reading as long as she is accompanied by a glass of wine. Her life has taken a 180º turn during the last year after becoming a mother, leaving her previous job and joining her partner in a supermarket chain. Do you want to know what her contribution is to Mumbai Smiles? She explains it to you!

Since when have you been collaborating with Mumbai Smiles and what is your job?

I collaborated for the first time as a volunteer for the Sant Jordi Day in Tarragona in April 2018. In Catalonia we celebrate the day of Sant Jordi by giving away roses and books that can be bought in the streets of each city. Mumbai Smiles sets up a stop every year in Tarragona where they needed people, so I joined as a volunteer.

The experience was wonderful!, The work of Mumbai Smiles is essential and the other volunteers are very dedicated and friendly, which is why I continued collaborating every year for Sant Jordi. This year, the person in charge could not continue organizing the activity, so I accepted the role and now I am the person in charge of volunteering in Tarragona and I am in charge of organizing the Sant Jordi parade.


How did you find out about the organization and what led you to become a volunteer?

I wanted to be a volunteer for an NGO where they needed people. So I started talking to friends and searching through the internet. A friend named Lati, who is also a current volunteer in Tarragona, told me that there was a lack of people for the stand that Mumbai Smiles sets up in Sant Jordi in order to sell roses and if I wanted to join. I didn’t hesitate for two seconds and signed up. I did not know the NGO, so I looked for a little information before going to sell roses, I saw that the work that this NGO was doing was totally necessary and the fight of Mumbai Smiles has to continue, so I was delighted to participate for this finish. Once at the stop, I wanted to read Jaume Sanllorente’s book and see how this magnificent project began. And the book captivated me.

Would you like to travel to Mumbai to get a closer look at the Mumbai Smiles projects?

It is a pending task that I have. Of course, I would love to travel to India and see the Mumbai Smiles projects and see what this great family has achieved.

A message for those people who have not yet decided to take the step of collaborating with Mumbai Smiles.

To anyone who wants to contribute their grain of sand to this world, I would say that you can collaborate in many ways, that sometimes we have in mind that you have to give a lot of money or invest many hours, and it is not necessary, you have to dedicate the time or money you have, and with little you are already contributing a lot. No matter how little you contribute, the result is very gratifying.

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