Interview of Arantxa Martí, volunteer in Mumbai Smiles

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Today we want to introduce you to Arantxa, a volunteer from Mumbai Smiles in Barcelona. For her, each day is a learning from which she can always extract a sip of happiness. She is passionate about swimming and finding moments to write and read. In addition, for her, the first book by Jaume Sanllorente, founder of Mumbai Smiles, was a turning point in her life and for that she wants to thank him and her entire team.

How did you find out about the organization and what led you to become a volunteer?

In 2017, I read some words that moved my soul: “…angels from a forgotten sky whom I now had the immense honor of meeting…” This is how Jaume referred in his book to those children from the orphanage who changed his life, rescuing them from a hellish future and replacing it with a life full of hope. Reading him had a huge emotional impact on me and sparked my interest in collaborating to help preserve Jaume’s work and his organization. Being a volunteer for this organization is a very rewarding experience that life has given me.

Since when have you been collaborating with Mumbai Smiles and what is your role?

Since I read that book it changed my life, I have been a collaborator of Mumbai Smiles and I also volunteer in multiple activities that are being organized for solidarity purposes to publicize the projects, which are so commendable. The Christmas market is an important date, in which the organization opens its doors to the public, allowing you to walk through its spaces full of color and authenticity and purchase articles and books for solidarity purposes. Do not miss it!

What is the event that has made you most excited to organize?

Without a doubt, Sant Jordi is the most emblematic and exciting day of all. See how, year after year, dozens of anonymous people are interested in the project and actions of the organization, get excited knowing its origin, give loved ones the books signed by Jaume and acquire the emblematic fabric roses that they make manually the women of Mumbai who have started a new life thanks to Mumbai Smiles, leaving behind their status as victims of trafficking, is enormously heartwarming and priceless.

Would you like to travel to Mumbai to get a closer look at the Mumbai Smiles projects?

Traveling to Mumbai to learn about the organization’s projects is the dream of my life. The experiences and stories narrated by the people and volunteers who have already had the privilege of meeting them are absolutely exciting. The organization generously opens its doors to all who come to visit it, making it possible for the smiles and stories of each of the children and women who make up the great family of Mumbai Smiles to enter the hearts of visitors and remain indelible forever. . I know that one day my dream will come true.

A message for those people who have not yet decided to take the step of collaborating with Mumbai Smiles:

None of India’s unprotected children chose to be born in a slum. Fateful fate chose for them. They couldn’t choose their environment, but if we give them the means, they will be able to choose their future. And that decision will set them free.

Each of the children that Mumbai Smiles helps will contribute, with their kindness, to dignifying our humanity. Every girl and woman that Mumbai Smiles frees from human trafficking will, in turn, help other girls and women.

We all have the responsibility to contribute to helping those who need it and we must become a small link in the humanitarian chain that is making this world a better place. With humility, generosity, nobility, integrity, ethics, solidarity, altruism and many more values. Mumbai Smiles offers you the possibility to contribute that grain of sand to help the most vulnerable.

As Jaume says in his emblematic book: “Making others happy is the true secret of happiness, there is no other trick”. Read it, please, because reading it opens the eyes and the heart. Do it in honor of Pooja, Kavita, Noor, Priyanka… and so many other children.

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