In the midst of this situation we turn 15

 In COVID-19, Mumbai Smiles, Thank You

We keep on reaching the most vulnerable neighborhoods these days, supporting the communities in these difficult times. We have to keep on trying to stop both the Covid-19 dissemination and their consequences in the most needed. Hunger and thirst are now the higher risks in the slums. Like in previous weeks, this graphic shows what we have reached so far thanks to your support and generosity. Distribution of food, health products and now also water, keep on these days from the teams of Mumbai Smiles Foundation, with the aim of ensuring that everyone in our communities and beyond is safe and has all their basic needs covered. Thank to your support we have now reached 9,721 people, so THANK YOU.

Still, in the midst of this situation, we also have a very important reason to smile and to thank for. We turn 15 years old! Fifteen years working tiressly and peacefully against poverty in Mumbai. Fifteen years seeding positive impacts in the life of hundreds of people. We are so glad to turn 15 years old as an organization, but most importantly, as people commited to fight poverty, altogether, and keep on transforming futures. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without your support, so THANK YOU for keep on making it possible!

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