Distant education during Covid-19 pandemic

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Jaberia and Sheefa Sheikh are two sisters studying in our Ccheda Nagar preschools. Their parents are daily wage workers. The mother used to peel garlics and the father used to work in a garment shop as a needle worker to support their family. Currently, they both are at home waiting for the lockdown to be lifted. Their kids are benefitting from the distance education classes conducted by our teachers.

We are always trying to design the curriculum for our preschool students in such a way that they don’t miss any opportunity to stay updated. We consult good educational trainers and people who can help us understand easy and effective methods of imparting education which are then consolidated and incorporated in the materials we design for our children.

These children are with us in our preschools till they complete at least 5 years of age thus getting them equipped to easily cope with the educational pattern as they start attending public schools.

Recently, in one of the preschools we distributed some worksheets designed by the NGO Navanirmiti for us so that they can continue their practice at home and enjoy their learning without any gaps and interruptions in their learning.

We feel proud of these kids when we receive such beautiful photos and smiles by our teachers who visit them frequently and are also in regular contact through phone calls.

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