Daring to dream amid Covid-19

 In Livelihood

This center in Powai is part of the preschools network member of Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s Livelihood Project. Picture taken before the Covid-19 pandemic. By Cèlia Zamora.

Since two years, Mumbai Smiles Foundation has initiated a new project called Livelihood. This project supports some preschool teachers who belong to areas where the economic condition has improved over the last 15 years as compared to our current projects operating in Ccheda Nagar, Sathe Nagar and Deonar dumping ground areas.

We, at Mumbai smiles are encouraging these teachers by regularly conducting training programs introducing them to better teaching techniques with a focus on continuous improvement, thus making them capable of managing their preschools independently. This would enable us to focus more on other areas where families are staying on roads and the parents are surviving on the daily wages. For over two years, all these teachers have worked very hard and have accepted this challenge positively. With the help of Mumbai Smiles Foundation they have dared to dream of an independent life. They have imparted quality education to the children consistently and have built the trust between them and the parents.

However, the current Covid-19 crisis has posed challenges in realising their dreams and future plans. While some parents are being rendered jobless, there are others who have jobs, however, no assurance of a monthly regular salary.

Although being under such immense pressure, our teachers are conducting online classes regularly as planned. They have adapted to the new “online” medium, sharing recorded video lectures with the parents who wish to send their kids to our schools.

The efforts and dedication of these teachers is commendable and to ease their burden, Mumbai Smiles has decided to provide necessary guidance and financial support until the situation improves.

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