Livelihood: Sustainable preschools

In any society, having a decent job involves reducing the vulnerability of its inhabitants, contributes to gender equity in addition to improving their living conditions. The Livelihood project seeks to lay the foundation for economic independence of the citizens of the slum communities with whom we work through vocational training and participation in socially productive activities.

Objective: A contribution was made to improve the access of women of slum areas to livelihood opportunities.

Specific Objective: Preschool teachers and assistants acquire skills and capacities to run independently the preschool centres.


With this objective in mind, Mumbai Smiles Foundation decides to empower teachers and support them to create livelihood and be more resilient to economic shocks. This will participate to the empowerment of the targeted population on the long term and the reduction of dependency of external support. One of the priorities will be the support to existing preschools teachers and provide them with the necessary tools to create livelihood and manage the school independently and with full peace of mind. Indeed, this project will not affect the safety and balance of the community. Preschool teacher will meet their basic needs and the ones of the preschool through the new skills, knowledge on management and sustainable, in a more global perspective, this project will provide communities related to those preschools, to benefit a better-quality education on the long term.

In this project Mumbai smiles foundation planned to support three years , first year Organization will support for Rent cost, Nutrition cost , Training cost and two Field Coordinators for Monitoring and support to the teachers, Second year Mumbai Smiles Foundation would support for Nutrition, Training and Two Field Coordinators and Third year Training and 2 Field Coordinators and finally fourth year Organization would make all teachers  independent , in that 3 years period Preschool team would give training to the teachers and assistant about Accounting, Documentation , Procurement, Banking , Parents and community rapport establishment etc. Mumbai smiles Foundation having main objective is to make autonomous to teachers and assistant to run the preschools for their Livelihood.

independently run Preschool Centres
teachers and skilled assistants
girls and boys enrolled