Constant work with the communities in Bangladesh

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In the southwest of Bangladesh we work hand in hand with the  Agrogoti Sangstha, organization, both offering support to women who have experienced this situation and have been able to break the chains of human trafficking and prevention.

And it includes some of the important points, we design the meetings with community members to raise awareness about the dangers of human trafficking. Periodically, we organize sessions of 20-25 people, of different profiles (sex, age, training, professions, etc.) from the most disadvantaged communities in the areas where the organization works. In these sessions we also guarantee the presence of representatives of the administration and community leaders as religious representatives. The aim is for everyone to feel welcomed and represented to listen to experiences and cases that are known, to prevent them from being repeated.

A calm and trusting environment is generated in which all people feel comfortable sharing their knowledge and expressing their doubts. Often we also try to involve a woman who has overcome this experience, because in this way the message is transmitted with great force.

What is human trafficking? What is migration and how can you safely migrate? And how the organization works in the rehabilitation cases of women who have managed to free themselves from this scourge are some of the issues that always appear in these sessions.

The truth is that the participants usually take these encounters very positively, which are also a very useful tool to establish trustworthy relationships with the community and to generate dynamics to row together against human trafficking and the poverty that threatens women in the communities we work with.

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