Caught between a rock and a hard place

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While Mumbai is combating hunger due to the pandemic, a new calamity has knocked at our door, the cyclone “Nisarga”.

On 2nd and 3rd June 2020, the cyclone Nisarga was predicted to hit the state of Maharashtra with a speeds reaching as high as 125 km/h. This was the first cyclone ever recorded in the history of Mumbai.

Mumbai Smiles Foundation has stood strong through the Covid-19 pandemic, helping our beneficiaries and also the homeless street dwellers with food and sanitization necessities, and now, sensing the upcoming hazardous situation, we planned to extend more support to these people to sustain the new fear by helping them with more food supplies. Also, we distributed food supplies to newly identified people with disabilities and other beneficiaries in Mulund, Mumbai along with GMMC (Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation).

We hope that we all are able to sustain through this difficult phase and stand again to fight against Covid-19.

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