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After resting for almost 8 months our beloved Smiling Bus is again running on the roads with a new agenda of spreading awareness during COVID-19 pandemic. It has new feathers and is now more comfortable for our students and team to conduct Awareness Activities. Nothing can stop us now; not even the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, Smiling Bus is closed for our LSE (Life Skill Empowerment) sessions for their safety and all our students are attending their classes online. While we are keeping our students safe, our Bus is getting ready for awareness activities which we are going to run in the coming months.

The Bus has a separate section where we will keep all the required medicines and there will be our team member Dr Naushin to attend any medical case. If there are any other medical issues we will provide the required treatment and medicine for our beneficiaries to avoid any further problems. For more serious health issues and if it requires further diagnosis we will refer them to the nearby public hospitals so that they can opt for free treatment services.

While attending queries from our existing preschool, LSE students and their parents we are planning to spread the awareness about Covid-19 through our awareness campaign.

Our Covid warriors such as doctors, police and those who are risking their lives so that we can be safe and sound at home, are at great risk as they are exposed every day to the outer world. Their safety is our responsibility. We should respect their efforts and keep following all the social norms.

Therefore, our team will visit all the health posts, police stations and hospitals to put awareness and safety measure banners. Also, to make it more understandable to even a layman we would be painting walls in their premises with the awareness messages.

We are all set to initiate our new steps towards fighting against COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned to our next update.


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