Aadhaar card: The importance of having documentation

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One of the tasks to which we dedicate a lot of effort at Mumbai Smiles is that people who do not have documentation which proves their identity, can obtain it. This is the situation in which many of the people, adults and minors live who are from the most disadvantaged communities with whom we work. There are multiple reasons to it: transfers; ignorance; Bureaucratic problems; etc.

But this situation is by no means a trifle, since it makes these people invisible in the eyes of public administrations, which leaves them out of any process in order to have access to such basic issues as education or health. During the pandemic there were very complex cases, since the government launched a system of ration cards during the first lockdown, which people without documentation could not access. Therefore, for our team, completing this task is a priority.

Thus, during the summer we have organized three days, with the support of post offices, to get 69 boys and girls to obtain the Aadhaar card, their identification card, to be recognized as citizens, subjects of rights. Due to computer problems during the process, there are 14 documents to be processed, but we are working on it.

This is an achievement that we are achieving with the support of the people who collaborate in one way or another with our organization. A great step that means a lot in the lives of these children and that helps us to continue #TransformingFutures.

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