A sewing machine has changed my life

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My name is Manisha, I live in Nepal and literally a sewing machine has changed my life at 26 years old. I want to tell you my story.

¿How’s it possible?

Well, it has been after participating in a three-month training with the organization Chhori. During 12 weeks I was there with them and together with other girls we learned many things: about ourselves, about our bodies and about life and the world. They offered us training and in my case, sewing opened a door to the future. The organization provided me a sewing machine with which now at home am able to earn a living. I have gained a lot of confidence and self-esteem and now, in my village in Nuwakot, I pass on everything I have learned to other people.

I have told you that I returned home, but not who was waiting for me at home.

At home my parents were waiting for me with my daughter. 4 years ago I returned to their house. As a young girl I ran away with a neighbor from the town that I had met at a party and with whom I fell in love and he too was in my love, however; my parents did not accept our marriage and we ran away to Kathmandu. At first everything was going well, but after a few months he started to arrive late and drunk. Later, I got pregnant and we had a girl. During the pregnancy and early months of the new born baby, he changed her behavior, but he soon returned to his old ways. We also had a son, but this time he did not stop being late, neglecting us and drinking. My neighbors advised me to return to my parents but I bet on my marriage. Over the time he began hitting me and soon the situation became untenable and I decided to go back to my parents. After a few months he took our son with him. It has not been easy for anyone. I wanted to help my parents and I went to Kathmandu to work in a hotel, but the pandemic came and I came back. That’s when they told me about Chhori and the program they promotes with Mumbai Smiles.


After these months of learning, I finally feel different, with strength and opportunities. I want to get my son back, this makes me very sad, but now I have the tools to get it and to take care of myself and my family.


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