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We have travelled almost 3,000 km with our sports and charity challenge to ensure that food and water reach the most disadvantaged families in Bombay. These families, who already live in a vulnerable situations and extreme poverty, are currently going through more difficult times, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In some cases, unemployment, the lack of daily income which sustains them and the lack of alternatives, have led them to be homeless and forced them to live on roads.

In other words, with your training, walking, running, cycling or swimming, we have travelled almost 3,000 km, which will help us in offering food and water to 78 homeless children and their families for at least a month.

Although this is giving them their lifeline back, our commitment, as you know, is much higher.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the cases of people affected by Covid-19 in India have not stopped growing but adding more 3,234,474 cases, which places the country in the third position in the world. Maharashtra, the state of Mumbai, has the highest number of cases, a total of 704,000. This global problem is a real challenge for a country in which the ratio of doctor per people is 1:11,000; when the WHO recommends that it should be one doctor for every 1,000 people.

Also, the socioeconomic consequences are very resilient. As we have been telling you during these months, in a country with great inequalities and specifically, in the city where we work where more than 60% of the population lives in shanty towns, not only the access to health facilities and work is difficult, but so is to the information.

Therefore, we have continued working towards the same reason. We continue responding to the needs of the most disadvantaged communities. Our commitment, despite the difficulties, is to continue our mission, thanks to the involvement of partners, collaborators, donors and all those who heed our appeal to action against poverty.

Today we thank all of these solidarity athletes who have signed up to travel these # 7000kmxBombay. There are 78 families who appreciate your effort the most. And we are going to keep walking, running, swimming and whatever it takes to keep #TransformingFutures because now more than ever, #WeAreOne.

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