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Sometimes vague and unclear information leads to a successful rescue.

In this case, a very weak lead has helped the Mumbai Smiles rescue team to locate two victims and arrest a suspected trafficker in Belapur, just outside of Mumbai. It has been 15 days of searching until the goal is achieved.

Two weeks ago, we received information about a possible case of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in a hostel on the outskirts of Mumbai. Our informants managed to collect more information, and through contacts, in a very discreet manner, we obtained the cell phone of the alleged trafficker and located the place where the events allegedly took place. Last week we visited an unknown place, confirming that activities related to sexual exploitation were taking place. At the same time, we notified the Police Anti-Human Trafficking Unit and started planning the rescue operation together. On the appointed day, with all the equipment ready, a last-minute setback prevented us from carrying out the operation. But we were not discouraged.

The next day we coordinated again and this time yes, we were able to carry out the operation and managed to free two girls and arrest the alleged trafficker. When they were analysing the cell phone of the detainee, the police found numerous photos of sexually exploited girls and his contacts, for which he has been immediately sent to prison to await trial.

The two rescued girls have been placed at the disposal of social services and will spend two weeks of review and rehabilitation before being transferred to their families.

Rescuing trafficked persons is a path full of obstacles and difficulties, successes and failures. But coordinated and joint work gives us more possibilities to achieve our goal and ensure that more survivors of trafficking can be free and live in dignity.

For cases like those of these girls, in which the intervention makes a total difference in their lives, which accompanies them to a safe and free life, it is so important to support the fundraising action that we have proposed. We have already raised 4,000 euros, but we need to raise more funds: we ask for your collaboration.


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