A Visit to the Post Office

50 LSE adolescent girls were taken to a post office to understand its workings and further empower them. The girls were welcomed by the Post Master, Mr. Tiwari and given an introduction about the [...]

Champion of the Month

The champion of the month is a part of our psychosocial activity in HOPE Project wherein every month we honour the brave heart child suffering with cancer. For the month of January 2016 Master [...]

Eye Check-up Camp at all 30 Balwadis

Generally when a child is of such a young age (1-6 years) we tend to ignore the basic check-ups. One believes that eye problems only come to those who are of old age. Owing to this; Mumbai Smiles [...]

Social Justice Day

This short documentary is a window to the slums of Bombay open in 2012. This initiative of NGO Mumbai Smiles was produced together with ESCAC and their filmmakers Anna Casals and Chema Garcia as [...]

Beneficiary Committee Meeting- HOPE Project

The Mumbai Smiles HOPE Project Team organized Beneficiary Committee meeting in order to assess the impact of the project and have a point of view, suggestions, opinions from the beneficiaries of [...]

Sports Activities conducted for all 25 Balwadis

It’s fun when kids get a chance to get out of the classroom and play in the open. The fresh air, the bitter sweet chaos, the winning, the losing it all helps in character building which [...]

Mumbai Smiles participates in Shanti Arts Project

This is by far one of the most interesting projects that we’ve been a part of. Shanti Arts Project, an initiative taken to create awareness through theatre, arts and culture. This Project [...]

HOPE Project observes World Cancer Day

To commemorate World Cancer Day, HOPE Project, that provides psycho-social support to children suffering with cancer organised a motivational talk by Prajapati Brahma Kumaris representatives at [...]

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