Warriors of Mumbai Smiles

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They say, “A warrior never worries about his fear.” and this is true about the team at Mumbai Smiles Foundation.

We are always thankful for our donors and friends who help us by different kinds of donations such as money, clothes, toys or food. Today, we take this opportunity to thank all our team members at Mumbai Smiles Foundation, who are risking their lives helping all the needy people affected by Covid-19 living on the roads and across the slums.

When you are prepared for battle you are aware of the ramifications of war and your mind is trained to bear the consequences. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck the entire city of Mumbai, there were some preparing themselves for the situation by stocking food and medical supplies; however, there were many helpless people on the darker side living by the roadside and across slums, bearing the brunt of the situation and in desperate need of help.

We all believe that we are the leaders of our lives but your leadership skills are put to the test as you walk through the difficult phases of life. We are proud to say that each and every member of our organization proved their mettle.

During the three month lockdown, our team distributed food, clothes, toys, hygiene products and offered the most critical help, which was mental health support. They all have beautiful families and lived in areas flagged as highly vulnerable to the pandemic, however, they were determined to achieve their goal of providing service to the needy without a second thought in their mind about the risks involved to their own lives.

Today we are proud to be a part of this organization and proud of each and every member of this family.

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