Victims of human trafficking in times of Covid-19

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Woman victim of human trafficking participates in the Butterfly Project in Kamathipura. Photo: Susanna Carpintero

When on one side the entire world and health organizations are facing a great challenge in finding solution to get out of this Covid pandemic Kamathipura, the area of Mumbai known for being home for many victims of human trafficking, faces other problems that cannot be overlooked.

While our preschool teams support children and parents through educational messages, videos, telephonic conversation our Butterfly and LSE (Life Skills Empowerment) teams provide mental health support to our beneficiaries and victims of human trafficking because, for them, food is not the only critical problem in this condition.

They never wished to live this life but now this is the only option which gives them their bread and butter and it is very difficult even if the lockdown liberates a bit.

In the current situation they are not allowed to move out of their crumped brothels and they are not allowed to work. They are facing mental illness and lack of money for other basic necessities such as medicines, sanitary napkins etc.

Sarita, one of our beneficiaries said, “Government and NGOs are providing food but my mother don’t have any money to buy me sanitary napkins and I can’t go out to my friend to ask for one.”

While some of them are facing money problems, some others are getting panic and refusing to go to the doctor. Asha, one of the Butterfly project beneficiary said, “I am diabetic and my sugar level suddenly drops due to the tension. I want to see a doctor but I am afraid that I will catch Corona infection if I will visit hospitals”.

Our Butterfly and LSE teams are constantly in touch with our beneficiaries to ask their whereabouts and provide them mental health support.


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