¡The third episode of “A smile in the backpack” is available!

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The third episode of “A smile in the backpack”

A documentary about the reality of human trafficking starring by Ana Duato y María Bernardeau.

In this chapter we see how the small villages in the interior of India hide a harsh reality, and at the same time the key to fighting human trafficking from the root of the problem. Thousands of families with few resources dream of achieving a better life in the big city. Networks that deal with human beings take advantage of these dreams, like the young survivor that Ana and María are going to meet at this stage of their journey.

However, the families themselves and the support networks of volunteers are also those who can prevent hundreds of girls in these villages from being deceived or even kidnapped to be enslaved in big cities. For the prevention of this in rural areas, we work from Mumbai smiles.

The vlog series “A smile in the backpack” delves into a problem, human trafficking, that the actress Ana Duato and her daughter María Bernardeau have seen with their own eyes and tell us about it in the first person. With the collaboration of Ganga Productions.

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