Smiling Bus is back with a New Face

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The Smiling Bus is renewing its face to be more comfortable and friendly for the children beneficiaries.

“Smiling Bus” is a project which has been initiated with the thought of providing access to education to those children who for various socio-economic reasons have been unable to attend any form of formal schooling in Mumbai. Like many others, the parents of these children too were attracted to the lure of Mumbai and had migrated to the city from their natives in the hope of a better life and access to some form of education for their children. However, the reality has been different and they have often struggled to provide even the most basic needs of food and shelter while education has taken a back seat.

Our “Smiling Bus” team at Mumbai Smiles Foundation has been travelling across the city to reach out to these kids and bringing education at their doorstep. The team conducts LSE (Life Skill Empowerment) sessions where these kids learn different educational aspects such as communication, decision making, empathy, sympathy. The kids are also made aware of the risks of drugs and alcohol consumption. These sessions help the kids inculcate new skills and good habits, who are on the verge of losing track of their goals, all due to the lack of basic facilities and guidance.

This Smiling Bus which we inaugurated in October 2019 is getting a facelift over the coming days. We have refurbished it ensuring it is more comfortable for our students while also ensuring it invokes a sense of interest and curiosity.

Our friends who have already visited this project earlier are invited again to see our new look and take a moment to appreciate our children for their progress towards their milestones.

We wish to be able to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic soon and to be able to invite more friends and families to participate in our joy.

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