New donations from friends and family

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We feel lucky to have friends and families who are always supportive through thick and thin.

Since the outbreak of covid-19 in March, our friends are supporting our beneficiaries by understanding their basic needs such as portable beds, utensils and masks.

After four months now, some states have started opening up for business relaxing the restrictions and the lifting the lockdown depending upon the necessity. Being a commercial centre, paralysing Mumbai by imposing a complete lockdown is near impossible and people have steadily started venturing out of the safety of their homes for work or for their personal needs, although, adhering to the rules laid down by the government.

Recently we received local donations in the form of bicycles and toys for our beneficiaries. In the current situation this help could be appropriate for our beneficiaries who have to travel across the city in search of new work in the absence of public transport.

We hope that this helps bring back good times in the lives of these beneficiaries, which are always our priority.

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