March 8, Sabikuna’s look and smile

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Today, on March 8, International Women’s Day, we want to focus on Sabikuna’s look and smile. She was born in Mumbai, her emigrated parents, they live in a shantytown and they have very few resources, but even so, thanks to your support, Sabikuna can study, has access to health, and both she and her family have received information about how human trafficking mafias operate to avoid falling into their networks.

Poverty, inequalities, natural disasters, violence, lack of opportunities are some of the breeding grounds in which human trafficking networks operate and find their victims, condemning them to a life of exploitation and slavery. This year we have told you about Arya, Jyoti, Aslam, Kavita, Afsana, Begum, Lipika, Nani, Lalita, Sahina, Farzana, Namrata, Sabina, Shymali, Gita, Diya, Marala, Naisha, Amina, Suhana and Amita. All of them are women and girls, some of them are survivors of human trafficking and sexual assault, in other cases we have managed to prevent them from being survivors. Sabikuna can show her face, but many of these women cannot, nor her true identity, as they are still struggling to break the chains of human trafficking.

At Mumbai Smiles we work daily to combat human trafficking and ensure that more women live free, a dignified life and with opportunities. We work with them, side by side, by her side, so that all women can show her face without fear, smile like Sabikuna does and that her eyes transmit the same energy to pursue her dreams. These days we cannot under any circumstances ignore that wars are also a breeding ground for human trafficking networks. Ukraine is one of the countries with the highest rates of human trafficking in Eastern Europe. When people flee, human trafficking increases.

For this reason, today, March 8, we want to celebrate the look and smile of Sabikuna, whose example gives us strength to continue fighting peacefully against poverty and human trafficking. We want to vindicate them because another fairer world is possible and because we want to continue with your support  Transforming Futures.


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