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Today we introduce you to Mar Souto, one of the volunteer team members of the Mumbai Smiles. We love having her for many things and in this interview you will find out why: THANK YOU, Mar!

My name is Mar Souto Romero, I am a university professor, teacher and apprentice at the same time, but very happy with my purpose of life, giving optimism and firm beliefs that everything is possible to all the students who learn in my class. In the end, the important thing is to feel worthy of our dreams.

How did you hear about Mumbai Smiles?

On a trip to Tokyo, at the Madrid airport, I saw Jaume’s book, Mumbai Smiles and I thought one day I’ll go there. Without knowing at that moment that my life would be linked forever to Bombay, because I fell in love with Jaume with his project and with his firm belief that together we can contribute in making this a better place. In addition to this, Jaume’s NGO works at a political, social and cultural level to ensure that the rights of disadvantaged groups in India, especially children and women are the most important.

Since when have you been collaborating with Mumbai smiles and what is your work?

For more than 10 years, in addition to collaborating economically, which is the easiest thing, I have been involved in all their solidarity causes. Not only with my presence, but also by disseminating all his work through the media in which I collaborate. Especially the radio program “Want to understand” on 107.4 FM and the digital portal for higher education Ibercampus at

What made you decide to collaborate with us?

The need to give back to those who need us most the opportunities that I have had. We do not choose to be born where we are born, but it contributes to our destiny. Solidarity is not an option, it is a moral obligation and in return what have I received? Personal growth, the experience of helping, knowledge of other people and realities, interculturality, learning and many more.

Tell us a story or an activity of our project that has especially impacted you:

I am really satisfied with all the projects such as the campaign on HUMAN TRAFFICKING to end human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Or the AWARENESS AND EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT project denouncing the situation of poverty, inequality and violation of rights suffered by millions of people every day. Or cover the BASIC NEEDS so that you can live in a dignified way. But it is true that in this exceptional situation with COVID19, where India is the focus of the need for help right now, being able to collaborate to be able to create one more support, has already been worth it.

What would you highlight from your experience as a volunteer?

How grateful I am for the opportunity to collaborate. Not only because I am better, but also because I know what is really important. You reorganize your priorities, give value to what is really worthwhile and relate everything that in our day to day and you realize that our life does not deserve a second.

A message for those who have not yet decided to take the step of collaborating with Mumbai Smiles:

Do you want to change the world? Do you do your bit to make things better, to end suffering and injustice? Well, become a volunteer. There are many reasons to collaborate with an NGO in the form of volunteering. Becoming a volunteer means getting involved, feeling useful, feeling part of something, feeling necessary. These feelings improve self-esteem and self-concept, at the same time that they help us to get out of ourselves a little, soften the self-centeredness that reigns in our lives and be more generous.

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