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The jewelry brand APODEMIA joins Mumbai Smiles in the fight against human trafficking.

Apodemia reaffirms its social commitment through a unique and special gem for its meaning. This firm has designed and produced a limited edition collection, 50 units, of pendants that symbolize the courage of women victims and survivors of trafficking. 100% of the profits collected from its sale will go to projects that contribute to the prevention, rescue and rehabilitation of women in this situation and their families, in different areas of Asia. In short, to transform the future of these women and their sons and daughters.

This form of collaboration which is called marketing with a cause is more than the sale of a product, it is a way of raising awareness in society to make visible that human trafficking exists and that it is an unacceptable form of slavery in the 21st century.

From Mumbai Smiles we are grateful and happy to welcome Apodemia as a collaborating company, and we hope that this action will help more women, girls and boys to escape from their reality and start a new life with dignity and opportunities.

The design of this pendant is a tribute to the bravery of these women who manage to escape and transform their future. Their heartbreaking stories shouldn’t happen in our time and this moves us to collaborate with Mumbai Smiles in the best way we know how, creating pieces with deep meaning.”explains Jimena Von Knobloch, Creative Director of Apodemia.

Apodemia X Mumbai smiles It can be purchased at any physical point of sale of the firm, as well as at

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