Mumbai Smiles Talk at Hispanic Horizons

Hispanic Horizons is a Spanish language institute, active in Mumbai and New Delhi. While it conducts classes, both physically and online, it also supports the growth of Spanish language by way of [...]

Work in Progress…!!

The current financial year (2017-18) is about to come to a close. Very soon all the activities for this year will come to an end and the closing time shall begin with review of the year long [...]

Eye Camp screens 26 Preschool centres

The Community Health team recently organised a free Eye Check up camp in collaboration with the Preschool Education team. With the aim of early detection of eye ailments in children as well as [...]

Visitors’ Comments – Marta & Jorge

As part of the Responsive Action project, we encourage and receive a number of visits throughout the year, from all across the world, right from Spain (which is where our large donor base is), to [...]

General Health Camp screens 90 in Bhandup

We are back with updates on the free health camps organised for our beneficiaries in our different project areas across Mumbai. This time, a general health camp was organised in Ishwarnagar area [...]

Familia de Hetauda visits Mumbai Smiles

The forces of nature created a beautiful world billions of years ago, in which everything was equal. All animals, in different shapes and sizes, have similar sensory organs – eyes, ears, nose, [...]

Visitor’s Comments – Pilar

Under Responsive Action project, a lot of visitors come to Mumbai Smiles Foundation, some members, some donors, some volunteers, some collaborators, some partners, and some who have just read or [...]

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