Eye Camp screens 26 Preschool centres

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The Community Health team recently organised a free Eye Check up camp in collaboration with the Preschool Education team. With the aim of early detection of eye ailments in children as well as spread awareness about eye health among the parents of the students, the free eye check up camp has been organised in 26 preschool centres already and the rest of 3 centres will have the same camp organised in the month of March.

With the support of Opthamatry Dr. Manish and Dr. Ashwini, in collaboration with Aditya Jyot Hospital, a total of 660 students were screened at the camp for free. Out of these 660, 107 children were diagnosed with different eye issues, including refractive errors. Those needing deeper evaluation, further tests or serious treatment, have been referred to the hospital for further procedure. Others, who have been detected with minor vision issues that can be corrected with the use of spectacles, will receive the same in some days’ time. In the meantime, the parents of the students were given a general counseling on how to maintain their and their children’s eye health by eating healthy (such as green leafy vegetables) and ensuring eye hygiene by washing eyes in the morning and after back home from outside and other such quick preventive measures.

Thanks to Aditya Jyot Hospital and the two doctors, the camp was a success and the next one will happen for the rest of the preschool very soon as well!

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