Temporary shelter homes for migrants

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By now, most of the migrant workers in Mumbai have managed to return to their native homes across districts and states in search of a safe and secure place to shelter themselves from the Covid 19 outbreak. With no means to secure a livelihood in their city of dreams, Mumbai, returning to their native places is the only hope of survival during these times of uncertainty. However, there are still many families that are struggling to find a means to return to their natives spread across various districts nearby Mumbai.

Considering the chaotic situation at the bus stands, railway stations, these families have preferred walking for miles to reach their homes.

Mumbai Smiles Foundation team decided to help them and contribute a bit to make their migration safe and sustainable. We are grateful for some helping hands who donated portable corrugated beds and utensils for these homes, where these families can take temporary shelter before resuming their tiring journey back home.

These temporary shelter homes are already being created in our preschools situated in Cheda Nagar, Mankhurd and Deonar, Govandi areas.

In the above photo you can see that our team members are preparing temporary shelters in one of the preschools situated in Powai area.

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