Online awareness and Education by Mumbai Smiles

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Online awareness and Education by Mumbai Smiles

Mumbai Smiles team always promotes the importance of Human Rights through their projects and spreads awareness in different communities across Mumbai. There are also a lot of interested volunteers who contribute in our mission through their skills and innovative ideas.

In the last 15 years, we have tried to create awareness about women rights and children rights amongst the people in our communities by means of the different projects and initiatives run by Mumbai Smiles. With the help and guidance offered by Keep On Running team, we could create a few videos to spread awareness on these topics for our viewers. Keep on Running project took place after the great success of one documentary “the man who started running” which is directed by Josep Serra and produced by Arcadia Motion Pictures. Through their initiative KOR team has raised money for constructing 200 wells in Ethiopia and have helped improve water resources in the Muketuri community. Now they want to keep on running and helping other people. We are gratified by Keep On Running team’s efforts and support for our cause.

In these videos, under child rights we have discussed about child health, importance of regular immunization and vitamin intake. While talking about adolescent children we have discussed some serious problems of drug and tobacco addiction in our videos.

We have also published some videos recorded and designed by our preschool teachers in which we have spoken about women rights, about how to lead a dignified life and about livelihood awareness for all women.

Also, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we imparted online education to our preschool and LSE students. Our teachers designed and recorded these educational videos for our students so they could benefit from the safety of their homes.

Our team has worked hard and long hours balancing their routine job responsibilities and household work. They definitely deserve a round of applause.

You can visit and watch all these videos on our YouTube channel.

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