Medicines Cure Diseases but only Doctors Can Cure Patients

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Dr. Naushin

Today, we have one more member of our Mumbai Smiles Family with us to share her experience and thoughts. She is a doctor by profession and working with our Smiling Bus team. Let’s meet one of our covid-19 warriors, Dr. Naushin.

How did you come across Mumbai Smiles and decide to become part of the organization? 

 I came across Mumbai Smiles foundation via Suchita madame who was already working with Smiling Bus team as a Field Coordinator. She introduced me to Mumbai Smiles team. After completing all the interview rounds with the team I joined and started working in Smiling Bus.

During the interview Sachin Bhagat, Program Manager, Education informed me how Mumbai Smiles works on all grounds for our beneficiaries i.e. Health, Education, and Human Rights. I was always interested in working with such organization where I would get better learning opportunities.

Tell us about your different responsibilities that you were handling during your journey with MSF. Tell us about your challenges.

In the beginning I used to work in Smiling Bus on specific weekdays in Borivali, Wadala and Bhandup.

It was quite challenging for me to make our beneficiaries comfortable to share their problems with us so that we could provide adequate treatment to them.

We always do blood pressure, sugar tests of our beneficiaries if we found out some basic illness in them. If it is curable by changing lifestyle we suggest those different ways to modify their lifestyle in existing situation.

If we think that the beneficiary requires second opinion or tertiary care about treatment then we ask them to visit government hospitals and then we encourage them to follow-up because there are lot of general services are available at the hospital.

How is Covid-19 affecting the community?

Covid-19 has affected good, bad, rich and poor without any bias. The small communities, roadside dwellers, people who live in overcrowded housing, who have limited employment flexibility and those who have limited support to balance family and work balance are affected prominently. And it has hit severely the education system.

How will this current situation affect the future of most children we work with and how is Mumbai Smiles and health team (You) contributing to the current situation?

When initially the lockdown started our beneficiaries were undergoing with mental pressure the most because of family disputes, hampered education. Today’s children will probably see them as a lost generation if they suffer from this pandemic and be in quarantine.  This will not only affect their cognitive behaviour but will affect them socially and mentally. Considering the panic situation across the city, Mumbai Smiles started taking the essential measures for our beneficiaries.

Dr. Naushin with Smiling Bus Team, Borivali


When the lockdown started in the month of March, we at Mumbai Smiles Foundation started distributing food grains, hand sanitizers and masks to all our beneficiaries. Also, preschool and Education teams along with J2J team started working for our VHT beneficiaries and the families of street children who were facing Human and Basic Rights violation problems. Our team member used to call each of them to ask their whereabouts and to make them feel mentally strong.

What will be your message for the world in this covid-19 pandemic?

The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 will mark a before and after effects.

The foremost thing is to not panic and not neglect the recommendation and hygiene. Be optimistic. It will help us grow stronger and prepared for the living in the better environment. We all are in this together. Tough times will also pass.

Till we overcome this; #STAY HOME  #STAY SAFE

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