International Day of the Girl in Mumbai Smiles

 In Life Skills Empowerment

11th October , Sunday was International Day of the Girl and even we at Mumbai Smiles celebrated the day with great gusto and enthusiasm. The on-going pandemic did limit our options to celebrate, however, with the great efforts put in by our Education team, we were able to leverage digital media and were able to celebrate the success of six girls who are real life warriors

The celebration started with introductions of our Education team including our Founder and General Director Jaume Sanllorente and Deputy Director, Ana Valiente. Owing to the restrictions, our General Director was unable to participate in person in India, however, his inspiring words motivated us to organise this beautiful day.

The highlight of the event was to be able to hear our successful participants of the LSE (Life Skills Empowerment) project share their experiences. The LSE program was initiated in 2014 and Teena, Pooja, Pinky, Diksha, Payal, Anita were the six girls who were part of our first batch to benefit from this project. Today, they are our new leaders who can inspire other girls to fight for their own rights and their bright future.

This project was started with the objective of helping and providing guidance to those girls who had lost their direction in life due to the difficulties that they had to endure. Our objective was to provide an environment to not only continue their education but also to stand on their feet with confidence and be independent in the true sense of the word.

 In their speeches the girls expressed their gratitude towards Mumbai Smiles and dedicated their success to Mumbai Smiles, however, this would not have been possible without their own grit and determination and an undying desire to succeed. Their parents have played an equally important role by offering the necessary support. They have set an example of the importance of the girl child. The world would respect women and treat them equally only if one woman would respect another woman and if parents would believe in their daughters, in their capabilities and efforts.

The experience and learning which our girls shared during these celebrations made us nostalgic and we re-lived those early days and their journey which began with a lot of struggle for mere existence to being able to stand on the platform they have today . They all dreamt of their bright future, they all knew their rights, they all respected themselves. Now we are confident about them and can proudly say that our small steps have changed their life positively. They not only can fight for themselves but also can inspire other girls with their deeds.

At the end of the program we all cherished those old, beautiful memories which we enjoyed with all our students through the old photos.

We wish that in every house they celebrate the birth of a girl child because when we educate one woman we educate a whole family.

We thank all our viewers, donors, friends and families who have attended this program.

For those who could not attend this mesmerizing program, My voice, our equal Future, now, you can access the recording of the video posted on our Youtube channel link.

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