“MOTHER”, the word stands for love, care, affection, warmth etc. She is an epitome of beauty and grace. It’s because of her that the world looks like a beautiful place to us. She makes us feel unique and wanted. In this blog we are sharing the thoughts of one of our colleague at Mumbai Smiles.  [...]

Today’s blog is dedicated to all the cancer survivors of HOPE project. They are real life heroes and an inspiration to all of us. The poem below holds so true for our beneficiaries; Ananya Dhanesh Mankar (9years old), Nikunj Kantilal Parmar (17years old) and Illyas (15 years old), who survived the disease. Cancer is so  [...]

Thank you for showing me the reality of India which is not very easy to understand when you travel as a tourist. Your projects are very interesting and I am very happy to have visited them. Wishing you a lot of luck with all your work !!! Laura  [...]

Mumbai Smiles Spain office in collaboration with Biblioteca Josep Soler Vidal has held two exhibitions in Gava which are on until May 26. The exhibitions namely Bombay in black & White & We guaranteed our rights by Francesc Melcion, showcase the reality of the slums in Mumbai and evolution of Human Rights and its analysis  [...]

As we have shared with you earlier about women in SEED project making roses under the handicraft course; it was a big success in Spain during the St George’s day celebration. This time they are making greeting cards and paper bags which are meticulously done. These paper bags can be used for different occasions like  [...]

Thank you for allowing me to know more about the organization, the projects and a firsthand experience of how this helps children. The projects along with how Jaume started Sorisas de Bombay have inspired me always. To know more about the foundation has been very interesting and I would like to be able to help  [...]

It has been a very positive experience to see the work that you are doing. We give you a big hug on behalf of me, my friend Diego and all the people from Ourense who would have liked to come but they couldn’t in the end. Best of luck for this wonderful work and we  [...]