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Education, Health and Nutrition. All three of these elements form the core of the Preschool Education project in which the students, aged 2 to 6 years old, not only receive daily education but also daily nutrition (one meal each day) as also regular health camps (eye, dental and others). One of the health camps organised for these children is one for give them the required doze of Vitamin A and Albendazole. These have to be administered within a gap of 6 months and recently the second dosage of the year was given to the preschool kids.

Depending on each child’s age and requirement, 718 students received Vitamin A dosage and 710 received Albendazole tablets. Vitamin A supplementation is very important for children at the age of 2-5 years since:

  1. It reduces the risk of diarrhea by 28% and measles by 50%
  2. It increases immunity in children
  3. It promotes physical growth of children
  4. It helps prevent anaemia by facilitating the transport of iron in the body
  5. It protects the eyesight of children and prevents night blindness

And the albendazole tablets are also called de-worming tablets, as its main work is to kills the intestinal worms as these worms are like parasites which absorb the blood and food from the child’s stomach, devoiding the child of nutrition, leading to death sometimes.

For administering the dosage of these supplements, all the preschool teachers underwent a training session (once at the beginning of the year before the first dosage and again now to refresh the protocol and methods of administering the doze for each child). And on the day of dosage, the parents were first informed of the importance of these dosages, their effects and minor side effects that can occur in some children. And the parents seemed very happy with this activity. And we are happy to see these children grow healthy and happy!

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