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The Preschool Education team often collaborates with different municipal and government programs for the benefit of our students, by way of engaging in health and nutrition activities. One of these is the polio supplementation program. Under this, the government of India through its Health Department ensures that all the infants of the country, especially in areas where people are unaware of this disease and its precautionary polio-drop program. Under the same program, the Preschool Education program helps them with providing the space of Preschool centres in our slum areas where the free polio drops are given to all the children.

The children of Mumbai Smiles Preschool Education program also received free polio drops for prevention of this heinous disease under the same program. With this supplementation, the parents also received information on polio, how it affects children and the lifelong repercussions of it. Thereby, an attempt to spread the word about the same among their family and friends living in other communities, so they can go and get their children immunized against polio as well.

While our project takes care of the daily education, health and nutrition of all our preschool children, at all our existing 29 centres, the scope of additional support is a lot since not everything can be provided to these children by us, due to multiple reasons, including financial constraints. But with such support from the Municipal corporation and government, these children are able to get better support to help with their overall growth and development!

In this fight and struggle against poverty, YOU can help us move ahead as well. Donate and/or collaborate with us. Write to us at and become a part of the Mumbai Smiles family!

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