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Mumbai Smiles has joined hands with a crowd funding portal called Impact Guru, in an attempt to bring about a strong impact in the lives of many young girls and boys. The LSE or Life Skills Empowerment program aims at creating awareness among the youth about the different life skills that are required to battle with the daily challenges of life sessions of personality development, time management, stress management, capacity building etc, as well as providing medical and nutritional support to these young adults. And to continue supporting and empowering these adolescents, we need your help to sustain this project.


YOUR support will give that extra kick of hope and inspiration to make our aspirations come true. Be the wings that would help these younglings fly really high. Be the anchor that would forever tie them securely to the ground of happiness and smile. Your one contribution could mean:


  • An extra pair of sanitary Napkins for a teenage girl belonging to a lesser privileged family!
  • A health check-up for an adolescent!
  • A pair of new sweaters for an adolescent to beat the mild chill in the air!
  • An extra counselling session that could prevent one adolescent from becoming a smack-addict! 
  • An extra counselling session that would help adolescents like Jahnvi avoid the pitfalls of a unexpected teen pregnancy!

So would you like to join us, and become a part of this amazing endeavor to create a vibrant future for the youth of our country, of our very own maximum city Mumbai?

lse-18 lse-15

All you need is an internet connection to go to this link:

With just one tap of your fingertips here, you can contribute, and share the powerful impact of our work all around through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and create that crescendo of initiative and encouragement that would literally make positive change flood in breaking through all barriers and circumstances. Come. Join us in this initiative to bring about a positive change and ensure a healthy and happy future of our city!


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