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The Jump2Justice (J2J) team has been organizing awareness sessions on various topics related to Human Rights and Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens as per the Constitution of India, regularly for our beneficiaries of different projects. These awareness sessions are on overall Human Rights, Child Rights, Women Rights, Fundamental Rights & Duties and other such topics.

The latest awareness session was organised by the J2J team for the parents of all our preschool students across 29 centres. With a total of 708 parents of 854 children of the preschool centres, the sessions were done in respective preschool centres across our seven project areas. The topics covered the entire range of Child Rights and its violations, right from the basic rights of providing food and shelter to the children, to recognizing child abuse and child sexual abuses for the protection of the little ones.

Often parents do not realize that in the process of disciplining the child, they end up harming the children, both mentally and physically, possibly by beating them up or leaving them hungry for hours. Also, due to lack of resources, financial or otherwise, parents sometimes let their children suffer instead of looking for alternatives to ensure complete protection, growth and development of their children. Sometimes, parents also do not realize that their child is being sexually abused by their neighbours or even family members and the children aren’t able to recognize the signs because they aren’t aware of the difference between love and abuse. These are all extremely sensitive topics which the parents often ignore to address, either because they are too busy making a living for their family, or because they themselves aren’t aware of the same, more so in slum communities where both time and knowledge are found in extreme scarcity. And these are the topics that were discussed in great length at these awareness sessions recently.

“I wasn’t aware of the types of Child Abuses and violation of Human Rights. Unintentionally I ended up abusing my child so many times but now I will be careful to not repeat my mistakes”, said one of the parents. Another one similarly expressed, “This awareness session was indeed very important. Now that we are aware of all the Child Rights and its importance, we will try to spread awareness about the same among other people of our community as well”.

We are super glad that these sessions helped the parents and will now ensure that the violations of their children’s rights do not happen again!

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