RTE Session for Preschool Parents

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The Preschool Education team regularly holds multiple informative sessions for the parents of the students, to inform them and make them aware of the various elements of our project – good behavior and manners to follow, hygiene, nutrition etc. In addition to these sessions, it also conduct awareness sessions for these parents, in collaboration with Jump2Justice team on Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Child Rights and how each and every citizen can enjoy it.

Similarly, one of the very important awareness sessions that the team organizes for the parents each year is on Right to Education Act. This Act, that ensures free and quality education for all the underprivileged, without any discrimination on basis of caste, religion or gender at all. But unfortunately, our beneficiaries, for whom our government has made this Act, are not aware of it, and so many who have just heard about it, are unaware of the benefits of this provision. So this session is of utmost importance to them for their child’s future as through this Act, they can ensure that post preschool education, they are able to ensure continuation of their child’s education, despite personal financial incapacity.  In fact, because of the RTE Act and through our other educational projects, such as Girl Child Education and Higher Education projects, quite a few of our Preschool children have been able to continue with their further education and we conduct such awareness sessions for this very purpose, so everyone can benefit for it!

What our teams have observed over the years of working with the slum communities is that since most of these parents are daily-wage earners, mostly illiterate  and of the belief that girls are meant to be married off and are a burden to parents. So for them, these sessions become even more important to counsel them about the importance of a girl child, the government provisions especially for girl child of the country and the complication son the lives of these girls and their health due to early marriage. After which these parents then understand how and why RTE is important for ALL children, irrespective of their gender.

During the session, some important and practical questions came to the fore by some of the parents already were aware about this Act. They said how many schools do not follow the RTE guidelines and deny admissions to the poor; in such situations what steps can be taken. At this our team also informed them of the ways in which justice can be achieved in a speedy manner, with the help of our J2J team. And hence, these sessions that were organised in all the 29 preschool centres, collaborative of the three project teams – Preschool Education, Higher/Girl Child Education and Jump2Justice, to explain to the parents all their possible available options for their child’s education and how to fight uncertainties in case any arise.

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