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Every parent has the right and the need to know the progress of their kids in school. To serve this purpose, we held the first parents meeting of this academic year 2015-2016 across all of the 28 Balwadis.  The response was incredible, resulted in 85-90% attendance by the parents.

The purpose of this meeting is to basically have an interaction with the parents to clear their doubts and concerns, if any. They are provided general awareness regarding their child’s health and vaccination. At this meet, the parents are guided towards the path of parent responsibility when it comes to their child’s development. They are advised to improve the child’s attendance and also make it a point to pick up and drop their kids off to school resulting in a stronger bond.

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Like all parents, they also wish to know the improvement of their child’s grade and weight and so they are shown representations of the previous month. This allows them to better understand the growth of their child; academically and health wise.  Parents are also asked to share their experience regarding the Balwadi. Other issues that were discussed were related to Self-Help Group’s (SHG) supplementary nutrition. Although these above points were discussed, the main agenda for this meet was to create consciousness about child cleanliness, which is the most important.

These meetings are organised every two months as Mumbai Smiles always believes in serving its beneficiaries with the best quality of services. In order to make this happen, the Balwadi team organises these parents meeting to keep them in loop of their child’s activities and growth.


The event started off with Program Officer Mr. Vikas Gaikwad introducing the teacher, assistant and field coordinators to the parents. He also informed them about the Balwadi project’s daily activities and its way of functioning. This was followed by the agenda reading wherein each point was discussed. A special ceremony is also conducted where one child is awarded among the 31 children in each of the Balwadi for being the healthiest. This is done in order to motivate the other parents to concentrate more on their child’s nutrition and health.

This meeting helped us garner a positive response from the parents and the community which was a good sign. They were so cooperative which just goes to show that more activities can be initiated in the area which in turn would lead to cultivating healthy habits in children.

To quote one of the parents, Archana More from Garib Nagar, “Earlier my child would always wake up late in the morning and not brush his teeth. But since he’s taken admission here, he wakes up early and brushes his teeth daily. I have seen such improvement in my child”. Simple but meaningful pleasures.


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  • Kalidas Rote

    I see here, parents meeting was so good. it better for children development. I congrats to balwadi team.