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Illustration Source: The Times of India

It is indeed a coincidence that following the International Social Justice Day is the day to vote for a civic body in Mumbai – the day to take the first step towards eradicating social injustice from any society!

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The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections are underway in the City of Mumbai and associated/neighbouring districts (Navi Mumbai and Thane) and this is the time that we – you and I – stop blaming the government without taking any step ourselves first. And that step begins with casting our vote for the candidate we see fit to come to power and work for the betterment of our City of Dreams.

At Mumbai Smiles, we have 11 functional projects working to address the issues of Health, Education and Livelihood in the slum communities of select areas in the city of Mumbai, with the dream to eliminate those issues. But in addition to all the functions, activities, events and efforts of all these projects, we also believe in and strongly support the responsibility of every citizen to cast their vote, for the candidate that they believe represents them. In case, any individual finds that no candidate deserves the vote, then the voter has the right to cast a no-vote as well!

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So, let us all take a fraction of our day out today, to go and cast our votes; vote for a Change; vote to make Mumbai better, just the way we want to see it grow and flourish. Let us now stop cribbing and bring the change ourselves. We want change, we are voting; are you?

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