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For starting a new business, the most important and the difficult thing is to arrange finance for it. It often happens that some of the big ideas do not get implemented due lack of financial backup. Therefore, in order to make our beneficiaries aware of the schemes and investment process, a Financial Literacy Program was held at the MIDC Centre wherein a total of 60 women participated from our Handicraft and Tailoring course.


The Resource Person was Mr.Ganesh More, Takhshila Foundation who organised a specialized seminar for the underprivileged to help them get small loans to start up their enterprise. The topics covered in the event—knowledge on benefit of saving, awareness about fraud investment and the action they can take against fraud companies and understanding about government schemes and on availing loans from nationalized banks. This session allowed the women to have their queries solved regarding loans or investments. They were also informed that they can avail loans at 1% interest for starting a business with the advisory support of Takhshila Foundation. Towards the end, we asked the women to fill a form who were interested in starting their own business to further help us narrow down the ones who we can help and guide in their endeavour.


To lighten the heavy ambience of banking, we also screened Smileywood, a short film which was made in the honour of Mumbai Smiles ten years completion showcasing our various projects. The women had an awesome day of learning and entertainment. Loaded with information and knowledge, they seemed ready to take their next step towards entrepreneurship.

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  • Kalidas Rote 2015 Sep 21 / 09:40

    It was a good program for those who were interested in taking a small loan to start their business.

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