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Our dear friend Montse has been to Mumbai Smiles before with her sister Gurutze who is currently volunteering with us in the accounts & budgets department for some time now. This year, Montse decided to come back to visit Mumbai Smiles and this time she also brought her friend along as well!

Natalia and Montse are both from Spain and enjoy travelling a lot. When they planned a trip to India, and to Mumbai, they decided to spend a day at Mumbai Smiles to visit our projects and spend some time getting to know our projects better. Since Gurutze was visiting this for the second time, she was able to immediately spot the improvements brought about in the projects over the year, for example, uniforms of the preschool children, the toys for the students, the activities of LSE project and others. Montse, in fact, even volunteered to help us with our emotional gift activity and we must say, what a big help she was!

Natalia, on the other hand was visiting the projects for the first time, and having heard about us before, she was very happy to be seeing all the work of our projects first hand and appreciated the projects very much at the end of the day.

Natalia & Montse at LSE centre

We are extremely thankful to both, Montse and Natalia for taking out so many hours to visit us and encouraging us and our team members with their kind words and warm gestures of appreciation for the way the projects function. And we hope to see them again and continue receiving their support in future as well, till we achieve our mission!

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