Jump2Justice is an infant project of Mumbai Smiles that promotes the citizens of our projects to take the lead in their own development process by defending their basic Human Rights for a dignified life, free from poverty and injustice, by way of awareness sessions for the communities, creation of a network that allows access to people for demand of justice as well as political advocacy in the administrations involved.


Jump2Justice or J2J aims at creating and ensuring public awareness about various Rights and judicial norms among citizens of the underprivileged communities in the fields of Health, Education, Livelihood and Housing, within the purview of the law, working towards creating appropriate linkage and network to help these citizens receive timely and effective justice. For this, J2J works on three main axes – Advocacy, Awareness and Action.


Community Outreach
Since the inception of the project in 2016, a total of 146 awareness sessions on Fundamental Rights, Child Rights, Right to Education and Women Rights for our citizens including Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Parents, School Principals, and other members of the communities where we work. Along with the awareness sessions, the community outreach methods included creative modes of dissemination of information, by way of 8 posters, 5 pamphlets, 4 wall paintings and 6 standees (on events) to ensure enhanced visibility in the communities.

Events & Celebrations
Important Days such as Women’s Day, Children’s Day and Human Rights Day are celebrated as part of this project to create awareness about the Fundamental Rights and Duties of citizens in innovative, interactive and festive manner in the community centres itself.

Community Meetings
citizens benefitted