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Mumbai Smiles Foundation Team at the Finish Line!

We did it!

The Team (left to right): Manan Chauhan, Sarojkumari Parmar, Nandita Shekhar, Jaume Sanllorente and Nirmal Ahuja, geared up for the Run

Yesterday was the day of the grand marathon event, the biggest in Asia, called Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) and our NGO, Mumbai Smiles Foundation was participating in this prestigious and fun athletic event for the first time!

Nirmal Ahuja giving a byte to a news channel before the start of the Run

Each year, many corporate, individual athletes, amateur runners, Bollywood personalities, Industrialists, NGOs and other organisation participate in SCMM for various causes. Some support social issues, some support environmental causes and some run for fun. That is why many call this a Carnival as well, where individual and representative runners participate, dress up in interesting, funky and creative ways to increase visibility for the various causes that they run for. And each of the runners is sponsored, either by individuals or by organizations, thereby making this fun event, a fund-raiser as well.

This year, Mumbai Smiles Foundation participated in the category of Dream Run (6kms) and was able to raise a good amount for the cause of better education and good health for the children of the Mumbai slums and we are proud to say that we completed the run in little more than an hour. Participating in the Dream Run as representatives of our Foundation were our Jaume Sanllorente (Founder & President), Nirmal Ahuja (Unit Head of Health), Sarojkumari Parmar (Unit Head of Education), Nandita Shekhar (Unit Head of HR) and Manan Chauhan (a student, who stepped forward to run for our cause).

This was a lovely opportunity for us to interact with other organisations, NGOs, corporates and individuals and build relationship for mutual cooperation and benefit, in addition to all the fun of running together. So with the wrap on our first edition of Marathon, we are all excited and pumped up to participate again next year!

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