This National Girl Child Day, Pledge to Support #GirlChildEducation !!

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India is celebrating National Girl Child Day today. India is a country with a rich history of powerful female role models in various fields of work, right from politics, to sports, to art & culture, to academics and administration, as well as in religion and mythology, wherein Goddesses are worshipped for strength and bravery. Yet, in 2012, according to the United Nations (Department of Economic and Social Affairs), India became the most dangerous place in the world to be born a girl.

With stark statistics of female foeticide, rapes & molestations, gender inequality in education and jobs, dowry crimes and many other crimes against women just because of bias against the fairer sex, the need to emphasise and promote the important of a Girl Child is at prime today. And so, we have kept Girl Child Education as our theme of the year in our attempts to garner more support for our project to empower the young girls of Mumbai with education and life skills to ensure social equality for them.

With this video, we reach out to one and all, pledging our support to empower young girls like Pooja, Vaishali, Shubhangi, Riddhi, Nutan and others to soar high in life and make their family and their country proud of the girls of India. Would you support us too?

Click on the image to watch the video || Video Credit: Cindy Strijbosch (our collaborator)

To support us, write to whether you are an individual or a company. Come, help us make Mumbai a better, equal and just place for our future generations !!

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