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Art and painting workshops were organized for children of victims of human trafficking to address mental health as an issue

5th July

”Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”- Pablo Picasso. When we write a dairy, it’s like pouring out our feelings which heals much of our traumas. Painting is one such healer. When words cannot adequately convey our deepest fears and insecurities, colours and paints become our friends at the time of need.

One of Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s biggest group of beneficiaries are the victims of human trafficking, and their children. Given the lives they endure and the vulnerable surroundings they live in, their children often suffer from mental illness that remain undiagnosed. The children are generally aware of their mother’s profession, which invariably affects their mental state.

To ensure that their lives improve and beneficiaries heal from mental and emotional trauma, Mumbai Smiles Foundation conducts several workshops for both the mothers and children. While the mothers have counselling sessions, the children have art therapy through painting as use of colours helps them calm down and express themselves. This in turn builds their confidence, acceptance and self-esteem.

One such painting class was conducted on May 14 at the Kamathipura centre for eight teenagers. As part of the class, the children drew pictures of the ill effects of tobacco and alcohol addiction. During the session, we interacted with the children in order to understand their psychology and if they are aware of any addictions. They were aware of the ill effects on their health and careers due to having an addiction.

While the children are aware of their condition, they haven’t given up on themselves or their mothers. They are positive that Mumbai Smiles Foundation will help them not let go of hope for a better future.

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