An opportunity to be a part of Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s journey through the Responsive Action Project

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Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s Responsive Action Project gives an opportunity to collaborators, donors, interested guests and visitors to know more about our projects through site visits and interaction with the team and beneficiaries.

12th July

For the past 13 years, Mumbai Smiles has been working in the areas of education, health, livelihood and awareness. Since 2018, Mumbai Smiles also took a huge step in helping street children and Victims of Human Trafficking (VHTs) in several parts of Mumbai city.

The Responsive Action Project gives an opportunity to every stakeholder – visitors, donors, supporters, etc – make a one day visit to the project sites and gain a first-hand knowledge of the project interventions and impact on underprivileged communities.

These visits enable the organization to maintain transparency and allows the donors and collaborators to continue to have their confidence in our work. The visitors always leave with a positive feedback about our work and raise visibility about the projects through word of mouth or social media, thus becoming Ambassadors for Mumbai Smiles. This in turn helps the project achieve its goal of sensitising the general public and building awareness on pressing issues and vulnerable situations commonly faced by people living across the slums of Mumbai. The goal of this project has always been to give the visitors who visit the projects a sense of responsibility and help them take positive and responsive action towards underprivileged communities.

Recently, Adriana a visitor from Spain had a first-hand experience of our beneficiaries’ living conditions through her visits to project sites over a 48-hour period. After an overwhelming and wonderful experience at Mumbai Smiles, Adriana was touched by the work being done for our beneficiaries. Adriana urged her peers from Spain to visit Mumbai Smiles to understand how this side of the world functions. Her experience can be read here –

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