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We pray for a change; a revelation but are disappointed most of the time. Why? Why should one wait for somebody else to bring about the change when they are very much capable of doing so themselves?  The power to bring about change lies in your hands- the youth of today. Believe this; a small gesture on your part can bring happiness into someone else’s. It’s time to drop your baggage of complains and help the society and the nation. There are many ways of how one can contribute to the society. It’s not necessary to form a gang or a group to help people; as an individual you are as strong and capable as anybody else; you just have to have the faith to move forward.


We all are aware of the importance of education in India; it’s our country’s most dire need.  Embody the holy power to educate the less fortunate. One of the reasons of failed education system in India is absenteeism of teachers.With no one to educate; how does education penetrate into our society? Most of us have gained this divine knowledge only due to the financial back up from our parents; there are many who aren’t that lucky. It’s onto u to help them gain the same knowledge that you obtained over these years; impart that wisdom to them. With this one action you are enriching the lives of so many; with this one action you are pushing India closer to development and peace. Volunteer to teach students from the other side of our societal spectrum. Join an NGO that supports such issues. Even contributing 2 hours out of your weekend to volunteer is a big step.


Being a part of a bourgeoisie society where demand is always met by its supply; one must have collected hoards of stuff over all these years. Where exactly is your toy aeroplane from when you were young? Does that princess dress you probably wore in a fancy dress competition fit you anymore or would you dare wear it again? For things that have lost its value to you may become a shining point of faith for somebody else. We don’t like to impart with our old clothes and stuff may be because of emotional attachment; you at least have already formed your memories; give somebody else that chance also. Your donation can improve a standard of somebody’s life. You can be responsible to bring about the twinkles of happiness in a person’s life whose basic requirement is clothing. Imagine; for you an iPad is absolutely necessary; for them they just need something to cover themselves up; something to play with; some ‘stuff’ of their own. It’s time our country is fully clothed; no more naked children on the streets and no more shivering in those cold nights.

 Exercise your duties also instead of just fighting for your rights

We are always making a noise of how our rights are detained on multiple occasions. When was the last time you fulfilled your fundamental duty? We complain of how the political system of India has become a gutter of unresolved problems and fight for power. Did you ever think of stepping into that gutter to clean? We are an educated lot and we are eligible to distinguish between the good and the bad. If one cannot gather the courage to improve the political system from within; the least they can do is vote. Vote for the right candidate; vote for the one who would bring about the desired change; vote for a human and not the animals lusting for power and money. Your one vote makes a huge difference; because of that one vote the right candidate could either lose or win. One of our fundamental duty quotes, “To uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.” Time to follow it up.

Help the elderly

Our elders were present when the foundation of our nation was laid down. They are the source of our fairy tales and the tales of the partition. They are the ones who brought us up; moulded us to become who we are now. But now they need you. Old age is a part of life which is difficult for many. You simplest gesture of say giving up your seat in a crowded bus or a train is a big show of your good faith. Volunteer in old age homes to entertain and help them with their basic day-to-day activities. Your cheerful presence can bring happiness into a lonely, old heart. All they require is companionship which you can definitely spare from your hectic schedule. It’s not a lifelong commitment; your 2 hours of volunteer can inordinately help them get a peaceful sleep.

There are like a million ways of how one can help/contribute to the society. But why should you do it? What’s in it for me? These are the questions we ask ourselves before helping someone. Is that how heartless we’ve become? You don’t have to help your society; it’s your duty and if you want to complement your rights you better start performing your duties. We all have come in this world with a purpose; while all of us have different goals and mission in our lives; however there is one common goal; attainment of a better world. It’s time we start marching towards that goal; everyone should do their part no matter how small. As simple as picking up a banana peel that someone stupidly threw on the road and putting it in the dustbin. You could be saving someone’s life or their legs by that gesture. Your each and every smallest effort can subsequently help somebody else. Your one kind action can bring about a chain of awesome reactions. Help your society today and see the difference that you as an individual can bring about; you would be surprised of your own power.


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  • Ayesha khan

    I want to teach chilren and opening nersary at home

    • mumbaiadm

      It’s a great thought. Good Luck. 🙂