A surprise visit to one of the schools

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Jacobo and Almudena visited one of the Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s schools. They were overjoyed at the enthusiasm shown by the children and the competence displayed by the teachers.

29th April

It’s always nice when the Mumbai Smiles Foundation children have surprise visitors. They get to interact with and have fun during these visits. The guests, too, get to learn so much from the children, looking at their enthusiasm and their positive outlook, and Jacobo and Almudena’s visit is a reflection of exactly that.

Jacobo was amazed by learning the interaction between Mumbai Smiles Foundation and the other NGOs to achieve the same goal of equal rights and humanity. Almudena was eagerly waiting for this moment as last year she couldn’t visit us.

Almudena was pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm of the children. “The children are happy to learn about new things. I see that they are more disciplined than children in any other institute,” he told Mumbai Smiles Foundation.

Jacobo, too, said that the work done by Mumbai Smiles Foundation was inspiring and informative. “What surprised me the most was the enthusiasm and happiness shown by the children. The teachers, too, should be lauded for the work they have put in, as the children are eager to learn more. I like the idea that teachers can manage the entire school and become self-employed,” he said adding that the interaction between NGOs was positive.

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