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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Life Skills as “the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”.


Team Building Exercise at LSE Session (Batch of 2014-2015)

Adolescence is the time which is confusing for each individual not only physically, but emotionally and socially as well. And in the slum areas, a lot of important topics are considered extremely taboo to be discussed between parents and children or even between teachers and students. And hence the LSE Project is dedicated to the adolescents of the select community for their overall personality development and to prepare them to face life with positivism and rational thinking. Hence the emphasis is laid upon teaching thee young adults the crucial psycho-socio skills that lead to self-awareness, critical thinking, problem solving and overall self-growth, to have the freedom to decide what to do and who to be.

LSE or the Life Skills Empowerment Project under the Education & Development Vertical, launched in the year 2014 and handled by the Future Smiles Team, has now entered its third year with the First Community Awareness Meeting of LSE Girls. An hour and half long meeting was conducted with the parents of the 30 girl child parents to familiarise them with the aims, objectives and contents of this project and to convince them for sending their girls for the LSE sessions. This orientation included details about the various Health Camps, Nutrition Support for the beneficiaries, Educational Field Visits to the Police Station, Planetarium, Post Office etc, Workshops on Sanitation, Self-Defence and so on, which are held for the beneficiaries over the year.


Old Beneficiaries sharing their LSE experience at the orientation session

Some of the beneficiaries and their parents from previous LSE batches were also present during this session to discuss the changes they noticed post their LSE sessions. One of the parents of a beneficiary from the 2014-15 batch gladly explained, “These sessions have brought a lot of positive changes in my older daughter. She is much more confident in life and has also secured a scholarship for her complete education, thanks to this project.

Parents of the new batch beneficiaries

Parents of the new batch beneficiaries

After an interactive orientation session, the meeting ended successfully with 30 solid consents from the community parents and we are all set to begin our new academic year of this session in the month of August with 30 girls in attendance!

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  • Vikas Gaikwad 2016 Jul 22 / 09:29

    Its nice intervention in the actual field….congratulation team

  • kalidas rote 2016 Jul 22 / 12:01

    It was good program … Beneficiaries will get knowledge, skill and life skill . so I think, they have done fantastic job by LSE team.

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