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Chances are that cancer if detected early can be treatable. To not let this chance slip away just because a woman is underprivileged, Mumbai Smiles organises Health Camps for women. One such camp was conducted for our SEED beneficiaries, belonging to the age group of 18-40. It’s a part of our holistic approach; not just focusing on socio-economic development but health related issues as well.

To create awareness and screen women for oral, cervical and breast cancer; cancer screening was conducted with the collaboration of CPAA (Cancer Patients Aid Association) at Birsa Munda Hall, MIDC Andheri (E). The people involved in making this a success included social workers, counsellors, doctors, pathologist, technician, ENT specialist, Gynaecologist and General physician.

DSC06970To begin with, the social worker and the counselor got the registration forms filled out by the women with details regarding case history, gynaecology related information, address and contact number to form a database. Then the women were given information about breast and cervical cancer and its relevant screening process.
DSC06984Once the consent was received and signed, the screening process began—a discussion with the General physician followed by BP, ENT, blood and weight check up. After this the gynaecologists screened for breast cancer and then HPV test through Pap test.

A total of 185 women were screened and the results were—

86 women were identified with a problem and referred for further investigation.
20 women were advised for Sonography and Mammography.
7 Women were advised for the USG of pelvis.
9 Women were advised for ENT related follow up.
2 women were referred for Thyroid check up.
28 Women were referred for repeat HPV test.
9 women were again referred for further evaluation by the gynaecologist.


During Camp Narendra Kumar (EDI) and Dr.Nirmal Ahuja (Health Unit Head) and Natasha Rolston (Project Coordinator: New Glances and Awareness) along with a visitor and Priyanka Tiwari (Seed Project Coordinator) visited the camp and met the outstanding team of Doctors (CPAA) and gave their vote of appreciation to all the ones who helped to make this camp a success including Ms.Malti Chhatri and Ms.Sushila Shinde and Kalidas Rote (FCO Seed Project).

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  • Kalidas Rote 2015 Oct 13 / 09:32

    It was a nice health camp. This camp has succeed because Cancer Patient Aid association and other team colleague took great effort for giving the benefit for beneficiaries.

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