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With the Awareness vertical being one of the pillars of Mumbai Smiles Foundation, being responsible for spreading the word about our projects among possible donors, volunteers and collaborators. We have been fortunate to have received visitors from all over the world, from Spain, USA, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Amsterdam and many others.

João Batista de Brasil had heard about our NGO a long time ago, and had always wanted to visit us and our projects. A lawyer in Brazil, Joao works to help women who have faced domestic violence or other forms of assault and harassment from their husband and spreads awareness about Women’s Rights. And so, when he read about us and our work towards women and child empowerment as a tool to eradicate poverty, he was very keen to see these projects for himself. And recently, he finally made a trip to India and on his stop at Mumbai, he ensured to spend a day with us interacting with our beneficiaries.

After his visit to out projects, he also became our donor! Thank you for supporting Joao !!

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