Transport support for Hope beneficiaries

 In Mumbai Smiles

15 march


In the month of February cheques were given out to cover the transport, diagnostic and medication cost of 6 beneficiaries of Hope project. As you know, Hope project gives support (social, economical and emotional) to the cancer patients in the age group of 1 to 17 years.

In our last Beneficiary Committee Meeting of Hope Project, the parents suggested to provide for the cost of local transport since most of the children who are undergoing treatment at Holy Spirit Hospital are incapable of taking local public transport due to unfavourable health conditions. Some patients like Sangam Pandey whose right leg has been amputated due to chronic bone cancer find it difficult to commute in public transport like buses and trains. Hence, the family is compelled to take taxis to go to hospitals for treatment, regular check up etc which not only delays their treatment but also pay an exorbitant fare which is an additional financial burden for these economically weaker families.

This small economical support gives them access to immediate treatment, and economic as well as physical stress relief. The patients and the family appreciated this gesture and assistance by Mumbai Smiles.

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