The Livelihood Preschool Project

 In Mumbai Smiles

Teachers Livelihood Preschool Project for the year 2019-20

8th April

Mumbai Smiles believes that being able to live with dignity is of the utmost priority. To achieve this, we provide teacher training to women living in the city’s slums so that they not only earn money for themselves, but also learn how to independently run Mumbai Smiles’ Preschool Centres.

The outcomes Mumbai Smiles expects is for the teachers and assistants build on education, health, nutritional services, while simultaneously developing a rapport with parents and families.

As the new academic year approaches, teachers and assistants are currently conducting a survey to convince parents to enrol their children to school. The survey includes meetings parents whose children are of a school-going age and through this building awareness in communities about admissions.

The Livelihood Preschool Project also assists the teachers and assistants by conducting capacity-building training; motivational meetings for teachers and assistants by a project manager and Field coordinator; and organizing training for accounting and documentation departments. This project aims at developing teachers and assistants so that they grow as team players and thinkers, and in the process all-rounders.

In 2018-19, a total of 10 Preschools Centers were converted into Preschool Livelihood Centres, and in this academic year 2019-20, a total of nine preschools at Powai were added to the Livelihood project, totalling it to 19Mumbai Smiles is in the process of opening an account of each preschool.

Women need to be empowered to shape their own livelihoods and become CEOs of their own lives.

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